With the Help of SMI, Tool Technology is Forecasted for $1,000,000 is Sales for 2013

Web Design and BrandingFounded in Inman, South Carolina, Tool Technology began by providing machining and tool and die services to the electronics, medical, and automotive industries and over the years expanded to custom injection molding and metal stamping capabilities. However, the company noticed that customers and prospects had a tendency to classify the business as providing either molding or machining services, but not both. The company had the capacity for growth but needed new leads and an organized system for generating, tracking, and working new leads.

SMI’s Growth Acceleration training program that included modules to help improve lead generation, marketing messaging including online and graphics, and an expanded online presence for Tool Technology proved very useful to Tool Technology. To help with the expansion of the company and to help facilitate better sales, SMI helped Tool Technology create their logo, website, photo/video, graphic, sales collateral including flyers, a folder, business cards, lead generation campaign, and search engine optimization (SEO). To help implement this new plan of action, SMI trained Tool Technology on best practices of website development, SEO, lead generation via its website, and how to use its website as a sales tool going forward. With the help of SMI, Tool Technology has seen a significant jump in website traffic and leads, retained $100,000 in sales and 11 jobs, and the company expects to hire 2 new employees in the immediate future to help process the $1,000,000 in new sales forecast for 2013.