With the Help of SMI Loxcreen Vice President is Confident the Company Will Pay Dividends in 2013

Website designThe problem Loxcreen MetalSource was having in today’s aluminum extrusion market, competition both domestically and abroad is more intense than ever. Manufacturers are constantly driven to lower prices and, at the same time, maintain a high standard of quality and on-time delivery. The net result is that Loxcreen boasts an on-time delivery rate over 95 percent, as well as some of the industry’s highest customer satisfaction scores but it needed to reposition itself to remain competitive. In particular, its goal was to increase sales of its value-added services including precision routing, drilling, milling and tapping.

SMI used its Innovation Engineering Jump Start tools to lead the initiative, which uncovered several competitive advantages. As part of the campaign SMI visited several of Loxcreen’s major customers in the Southeast and filmed video testimonials. The personal interviews with customers offered a unique level of credibility and showcased just how well Loxcreen performs. SMI began the process by developing a list of 12,000 prospects that were then targeted with an e-mail campaign. An analysis of the e-mail outreach showed 586 recipients opened the e-mail, 92 readers visited the website, and 156 replied with feedback, questions or requests. With the help of SMI Vice president Rick Wheeler was confident in saying, “We anticipate the work with SMI will pay dividends in 2013 as we continue to pursue new opportunities and leverage our unique fabrication capabilities. We are well- positioned for a great year.”