Web Content Development & Copywriting

How you structure content matters both to humans and the search enginesContent Development and Website Architecture:

Do you realize how important the information architecture and navigation of your website is? It is often a usability issue for people who will simply hit the back button when they become overwhelmed or confused by a website. That is mostly likely a potential customer that you have lost for good. Just like people back out of websites when they become confused, so do the search engine bots. At SMI, we spend significant time on the front end making sure that your site is properly structured. In some cases, that requires usability testing and adjustments throughout the development process to help ensure that both humans and the search engines can make sense out of your website content. Useful content that is structured in silos or grouped by themes will help humans and the search engines learn about your organization.

Writing for the Web:

People read much differently on the Internet than they do in print. Information has to be formatted correctly and broken down into digestible pieces. Numerous studies have shown that long narratives tend not to perform well on websites. You have seconds to attract the attention of the user, and adhering to certain principles for re-purposing content will make sure your audience gets the message fast.

The three main guidelines for writing for the Web are:

  • Be succinct: write no more than 50% of the text you would have used in a hardcopy publication
  • Write for scannability: don’t require users to read long continuous blocks of text
  • Use hypertext to split up long information into multiple pages

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