Digital Asset Optimization

Digital Asset OptimizationDigital Asset Optimization has become the newest phase of search engine optimization. As search engines begin to index more digital assets such as images, maps, video, graphics logos, news stories, products, “places” (local listings) and social media optimization, it is important that those assets are optimized for search. This new brand of search is often referred to as “blended” or universal search. The goal is to saturate the search engine results pages (SERPS) with your organization’s message.

“Launching and managing a whole search marketing campaign is a lot of effort to simply get links. So why are we really engaging in SEO and search engine marketing? We’re doing it to weave our content into the social fabric of the Web and embed our products, brands, and information into places where people gather, converse, and share. We do it to make our content part of the larger body of information residing on the Web, outside the borders of our Web sites. So that’s where search really comes in. By doing this, more of our content pops in search results (text and universal) and promotes our products and services.”  – Harry Gold

If your focus in the past has been primarily to be included under Google’s “Web” results, then there is quite a bit of missed opportunity that we would like to explore with you. Contact SMI today to learn more about our approach to digital asset optimization and search engine marketing.