Media Buying

media buyingMedia buying is an art in and of itself. Media real estate has three essential metrics: placement, price, and quality. Not to downplay location, location, location, the placement portion of media buying is as significant as the price and quality. The SMI team carefully evaluates media purchasing criteria for each client and each budget to ensure optimal reach and the best value. Metrics are put in place to measure the response from each type of medium and adjusted accordingly going forward. The most common sources of media purchased are radio spots, newspaper ads and inserts, online ads in newsletters and e-newspapers, magazine ads, and television spots.

Planning and research are both essential for any effective marketing campaign involving media buying. Marketing messages must align throughout all media ads, messaging must be clear and have a call to action, and results are necessary. Demographics, regions, and offers are carefully chosen based on data most likely to result in leads to the client. Budgets are established to maximize return on investment. Art direction, copy, and talent are also factored into media buying projects. Contact SMI today to learn more about our extensive media buying experience.