Creative Services

SMI Marketing offers a suite of creative services including branding, logo design, and tagline development, HD video, animation, and virtual simulation, print creative design and production, and web design and development. We use client input and our creative team to establish effective marketing messaging through these portals. We incorporate the physics of marketing into our messaging services – overt benefit, dramatic difference, real reason to believe. Although contemporary branding no longer involves leaving marks with hot iron stamps, our goal at SMI is to leave figurative marks in the minds of potential buyers. We want our clients’ names, logos, taglines, and overall marketing messages to resonate clearly and brilliantly to remain top of mind. Think ‘Just Do It’ ™ and the Nike Swoosh™ or the McDonald’s™ golden arches and ‘I’m lovin’ it’™ or the California Milk Processor Board’s™ ‘got milk?’™ campaign. Recognizable. Understandable. Memorable.

SMI seeks to create brands, logos, taglines, and messages that clearly define who our clients are, what they are about, and why their target markets should buy. From simple to complex messaging and contemporary to traditional iconic images, we cover the spectrum in marketing messaging, logo design, branding, and tagline development. Contact SMI today to learn more about the suite of creative services that we offer.

Visit our portfolio to see some of our creative work.