Recent Success Stories

Marketing results are sometimes difficult for many companies to measure. However, at SMI we work with each client to ensure each project is measurable and proves successful. We measure success in a variety of ways including improved profit margins, increased sales, retained sales, jobs created, jobs retained, and overall customer satisfaction. In conjunction with our strategic partners, an independent third party typically surveys each of our clients after a project. We consistently follow up directly with our clients to ensure that the desired outcomes are always achieved. Review our success stories to see the latest results. Whether your goal is to increase market penetration, launch a new product, or to re-brand your company, SMI has the experience and wants make your company our next success story. Contact us today to explore growth opportunities for your business.

Strategic Market Planning has Lifeguard Eyeing a 75 Percent Increase in Sales

The process SMI used included leading the Lifeguard ownership team through a market development process and the conception of a strategic marketing plan. SMI presented several new ideas for promotional messages tailored to help the company increase market penetration and expand its line of services and products.

Columbia Tool & Die Diversifies Market, Increases Sales by Over 200%

With the downturn in the automotive industry, Columbia Tool & Die’s customer base was shrinking rapidly, and the company was close to laying off several employees. SMI helped Columbia Tool and Die grow its customer base, develop new industries, increase monthly sales from $30,000 to $100,000 and save jobs.