Queen Wood Products Increases Sales by 10% with SMI Marketing Training Program

Queen Wood ProductsLike many other manufacturing industries in the US, the down economy had a significant impact on the agriculture sector, particularly the farm supply market. Queen Wood Products was one of many manufacturers who needed to expand its reach and vamp up its overall sales. The Allendale, SC-based equestrian and poultry farm wood shavings provider needed a fresh idea, updated marketing messaging, and a new sales strategy. With 10 employees on the books and a potential sharp decline in sales and profit looming, Queen turned to the SMI for sales assistance.

SMI assists manufacturers by providing strategies and solutions to strengthen leadership, sales force effectiveness, and growth. With SMI’s help, Queen was able to retain all 10 employees, hire a new sales representative, and increase its peak season sales by over 10%. “SMI has helped us tremendously.  Our sales continue to grow, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of the sales project,” says Queen Wood owner Michael Mathis.

The challenge faced by Queen Wood was not a unique one: awareness and sales needed to be increased at a noticeable rate. Queen Wood needed to tighten its marketing messages including identifying and projecting the overt benefit, dramatic difference, and real reason to believe in Queen Wood Products across its brand and all marketing efforts. The company needed an online presence including a functioning website that was conducive to lead generation, product knowledge, and search engine optimization to ensure that searchers could find Queen Wood quickly and easily and also determine that the product line was a fit.

SMI helped Queen Wood identify and define its brand, its target market, and effective marketing messages by working with the staff and owner Mike Mathis during several brainstorming and targeted information gathering sessions.  Next, SMI helped Queen Wood determine the most useful online strategy including building a user friendly website optimized for search effectiveness.

A sales process was introduced and implemented to organize and manage the lead generation produced by the online efforts. Incoming leads from the website, from online sales promotions, and from pay per click advertising campaigns were effectively managed for maximum sales.

By utilizing SMI’s sales and operations expertise, Queen Wood Products continues to use the sales process and online strategy implemented by SMI and continues to see sales increases across the board.  Queen Wood has picked up several large clients and referrals since the launch of the new website.  “Thanks to SMI’s assistance, we have gained new clients and continue to receive leads from our website.  SMI really helped us expand our business,” says Mike Mathis.

To learn more about Queen Wood Products, visit their website at www.queenwoodproducts.com.  To learn more about how SMI can help your business generate more website traffic and sales, contact us today!